Friday, 20 June 2008

Shit Box Press Release

The festival season is upon us again and this years must-have/essential item is the aptly named Shit Box!

As the name implies Shit Box is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use. The concept is simple the box pops up from its convenient 14” flat pack to a rigid reusable box, you pop in a degradable poo bag, do you business, seal and dispose of (responsibly of course!), and off you go.

Although originally designed for the nightmare that is the British festival toilets, Shit Box can be used for camping, building sites, fishing, travelling and kids caught short.

This eco friendly toilet is the creation of Richard Wharton whose personal experience with festival toilets lead him on a quest to design an alternative you could use in your own space, and that was both cheap, portable and non chemical.

Wharton’s quest dates back to Glastonbury in 1989 when he simply couldn’t face another trip to the “long drop” toilets, after three days you can imagine the carnage. Inside his tent was a Kleenex tissue box and this set him thinking that if this was larger and sturdier you could put a bag inside and hey presto you’ve got your own private John.

Almost 20 years on and after many proto-types Shit Box has finally arrived. The reason it took so long to come to fruition is because Wharton was busy with his ‘day job’. As founder and creator of renowned high street fashion footwear chain “Office” and its other facias Offspring, Poste and Poste Mistress, Wharton achieved great sucess and international aclaim as well as numerous industry awards. He was listed as one of the worlds most influentail people in fashion by Elle magazine and broke the mould with his style of retailing. Two years ago he sold up to spend more time with his family and concentrate on The Box idea.

Wharton contacted his old friend from art college Mandy Mayes who’s creative brand agency Dry had worked on various projects with him and after hours of childish toilet humour they had created the look of our favourite poo, Little Jack Shit – watch out for the whole poo family… The Two Bobs, Skid Mark, Tom Tit, and of course paying homage to his creator Richard the Turd.

For more information on Shit Box or The Brown Corporation get in touch

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