Wednesday, 27 August 2008

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"What is it ?

Quite simply the amazing shit box, a “lightweight portable cardboard toilet”. Great for camping, rock festivals and all outdoors activities. Brought to you by The Brown Corporation… a solid company.
Only £15. With a good return policy :

"If your Shit Box Pack arrives damaged, or if you are not completely satisfied with the quality please return it to us in its original packaging and unused.”

I wish the (english) inventor a lot of success. Seriously."

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Shit Box on Daily Candy

12 August 2008
Elegantly Wasted
Shit Box Portable Cardboard Toilet

Shit Box Portable Cardboard Toilet | Lifestyle London - DailyCandy

"Ah, the great outdoors. When sleeping under stars, waking to birdsong and hunting for food, you’re at one with nature.

Until nature calls.

Say goodbye to traumatic outdoor toilet experiences with The Brown Corporation’s Shit Box. The lightweight portable cardboard dunny provides an alternative way to do your business with no more queuing for long-drop festival potties or crouching over stinging nettles.

Unfold the pop-up loo, insert a degradable poo bag and you’re ready to go (quite literally). Once you’ve dropped the kids off at the pool, simply remove and dispose of the bag, put the lid down and use the sturdy box as a stool (no pun intended).

Now that’s not such a shitty idea after all."

Shit Box on Daily Candy