Saturday, 20 June 2009


Built with stunning detail, check out artist Chris Gilmour’s life-size recycled cardboard car:

Chris Gilmour

There is no metal, wood, or plastic framework of any kind! Gilmour creates all sorts of lifesize replicas of everyday objects, ranging from flowerpots to a complete Astin Martin, solely out of cardboard and glue. From Guido Bartorelli's essay about Gilmour's work:

"Packaging cardboard is, by its very nature, intended to contain but it is then discarded. Gilmour, however, uses it to contain the work’s own identity and to highlight the displacement between the original object and the one made in cardboard. This displacement is marked by difference: his sculptures (and apart from the use of such a poor material, they conform to all the accepted precepts of sculpture) are not mere copies, but rather translations from life. This translation brings with it a process of knowledge- the knowledge of the small things within which the sense of daily existence is hidden."

Here's some instructions for making your own cardboard car ;-)
From 'How to Make a Cardboard Car' on wikiHow

  1. Take any size shoe box, tissue box, cereal box, etc. that has a top that's not connected to the bottom.

  2. Find a pair of scissors. Turn it to the side you want to be the front of the car.

  3. Cut a cube about 3 inches from the top on both sides all the way over the top and 4 inches from the front.

  4. Do another cut. On the cut side farthest from the front and make it into a slanting cut instead of vertical.

  5. Pierce a hole in the side of the car where you want your wheels to be. Make the holes for the wheels directly apart.

  6. Put a skewer (could be a straw, pencil, pen, etc.) through each pair of wheels for axles and put wheels on.

  7. Take the top to the box and bend it at the same length as the hole and then bend it at the same length at the bend in the cut.

  8. Add decorations

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