Thursday, 2 July 2009

Cardboard Cat Chaise


How to make your very own kitty-sized chaise lounge (there's a joke somewhere in there about brown kittens...) on Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories:

Harley Sleeps

"Although we don't claim to understand it, a cat that has installed itself in a cardboard box is a happy cat. You can exploit this mysterious fact to make a your own simple corrugated cardboard cat bed like this one, designed as a kitty-sized chaise lounge. Since it's just cardboard, it's also easy to modify this basic design to suit your own (or your cat's) taste."

Cardboard Cat Chaise

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  1. A slightly more expensive cardboard cat chaise (is that a chaise for a cardboard cat or a cardboard chaise for a cat?!) at $139 - Marmalade Pet Care Cheeky Chaise Cat Bed