Thursday, 14 May 2009

Shit Box on Firebox

Shit Box, along with Ploo and Little Jack's Box, are now also available on Firebox:

Shit Box on Firebox

Shit Box
Cardboard Crapper

"Poos. We all do them (except Her Maj, of course). The trouble is, dropping Mr Brown and the kids off at the pool is nigh on impossible when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Yes, you can make like a bear and shit in the woods, but curling a log straight onto the ground feels a bit, well, dirty.

Enter, with a snigger, a nudge and a somewhat aghast face, the Shit Box. As you can see, this charmingly named creation is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use. Available in two sizes, the 14” original and a smaller ‘Little Jack’ version for nippers, it’s ideal for festival fans, campers, Portaloo-less builders, fishermen and kids caught short on long journeys.

Flat-packed, the Shit Box pops open to become a rigid but comfy loo into which you can drop your fudge, again and again, without making a mess or gassing everyone within a 5 mile radius. That’s because it comes with 10 biodegradable poo bags. Genius! Simply pop one inside, lay your cable, remove the whole shebang, tie up the bag and shove it in your best mate’s sleeping bag… sorry, we mean dispose of it responsibly.

Yes, we suppose you could hunt down the nearest fast food emporium for a quick McShit with lies but, as well as being unethical, it’s probably not as hygienic. Besides, ejecting a bum cigar in a restaurant is fraught with danger: no loo roll, weak flush, pebble-dashed bowl. You know the score. Plus the Shit Box doubles up as handy stool (forgive the pun) and comes in a rather fetching shoulder bag for easy portability.

Okay, so squatting on a cardboard box isn’t the most luxurious way to lose your Bungle’s fingers, but it certainly does the job when you’re touching cloth in the middle of nowhere. To use the vernacular of today’s festival goer, we think it’s the shit. By the way, if you think we’re trying to shoehorn in as many pooey euphemisms as possible, you’d be right. But when a product is this brilliant, nothing we say is going to make a difference. We’d give it ten minutes if we were you…

Four different versions available!"

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